New Tech Is Changing The Game

Your BDC Won’t Ever Be The Same

By Mathieu Broquet

I went to the Microsoft Developer Conference in Las Vegas in December. It was like seeing the future. This cutting-edge event was a great primer on new and evolving technologies that hold great promise for our industry. There are a number of emerging trends that will revolutionize your BDC.

Here are a few highlights.  

The future of hosting: The great migration to the cloud continues. Eventually all CRM data and applications will be hosted there.That’s good news for scalability. You’ll be able to better manage server load and reduce downtime and slowness. Cloud hosting also means easier access to new technology, like voice recognition and machine learning.

Virtual voice assistant: It will transform BDC operations. Virtual assistants will book appointments, call customers to confirm or change their next booking, and even promote marketing events, transferring interested clients to a salesperson.

Machine learning: This seems poised to play a big role in helping with day-to-day tasks, such as making recommendations on email or SMS replies and predicting customer consumption patterns for vehicle purchase and maintenance.

Data visualisation and application layout: With more and more content being available on mobile devices,  we need better ways to present data than a big grid. Design must become simplified, more intuitive. The future is not so much a technology shift but a new way of thinking about and designing applications.

What technologies are you excited about? How has your BDC embraced new tools?

Mathieu Broquet

Development Manager

DealerMine CRM