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Seamless Customer Experience

DealerMine's managed BDC service offers tailored solutions for your dealership, driving service revenues and delivering exceptional customer experiences. We handle everything from recruitment to performance management, ensuring seamless operations.

BDC Services

A fully managed BDC service, powered by our industry-leading CRM. Single-point or multi-franchise group, rural or urban: we tailor each partnership to your unique operations. With 20+ years of BDC management expertise our service is managed by us, customized by you – delivering an exceptional customer experience and driving service revenues at every interaction.

99.9% uptime - Exceptional Outreach Consistency 

5 Million Calls Handled Every Year

Total BDC Management
We handle everything from recruiting to training staff, and managing your entire BDC operation so you can focus on what they do best.

Maximize Outreach
The right mix of automation and personal interaction – maximize your phone, email and text message outreach with the perfect blend of both.

Turnkey Solution
As a managed BDC, everything is provided including equipment, physical space, call recording and reporting, dedicated phone line with caller display and technical support.

Seamless Customer Experience
Your DealerMine coordinators become an integral part of your team. Your customers come to view us as part of your dealership.

Scaled Solutions
Whether you're a single-point or multi-franchise group, rural or urban—we tailor each partnership to the dealership’s unique operations.

Performance Standards
With defined considerations and benchmarks, you can monitor and measure hundreds of metrics and KPIs daily, including contact volume, call rate, phone system performance, close rates, sales metrics and more.


Increase outreach, reach more customers, book more

Up to 40% Increased Outreach With Click to Call

Increase Outreach and Bookings
Productivity enhancing features such as click to call and pre-recorded voicemail messages allow your team to connect with more customers and drive more revenue.

Better Team Development
Gain valuable insights into how your team interacts with customers. Identify opportunities for training or coaching, leading to improved performance and better customer connections.

Enhanced Performance
Analytics that give you the power to optimize your call strategy, find efficiencies, and increase sales.

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