Working From Home Isn’t Always So Sweet

The Pros And Cons Of Working From Home

By Yannick Levesque

My office-bound friends are jealous I work primarily from home. I know what they’re picturing: leisurely days in joggers, a fridge full of snacks and no commute, especially in winter, when de-icing the car can take as long as the drive to the office.

While these benefits are real, they miss a crucial point: working from home is still work. My responsibilities don’t change just because my boss isn’t in earshot. There are challenges and rewards to working from home.

The Pros

Deep focus: With fewer distractions, I can concentrate fully, increasing productivity.

Less stress: I don’t get pulled into office drama or sidelined by chatty colleagues. Plus, no commute lets me sleep later or spend more time on things I care about.

Perfect conditions: No dress code means I can wear whatever I want. And I control the thermostat. No fighting with colleagues over the temperature.

Savings:  I’ve practically eliminated work-related expenses like gas, parking and eating out that can really add up.

OK, those are some upsides. But it’s not all savings and comfort.

The Cons

Cabin fever: I live at home, work from home, exercise at home. It’s nice to leave the house once in a while.

Disconnected:  The camaraderie of colleagues can be invigorating. Working from home makes it harder to feel like you’re part of something. And some communications are just more efficient in person.

Domestic distractions: The dishes by the sink. The laundry piling up. The unshoveled walkway. The chores call to you. You need strong self-discipline to stay on-task.

Always on: Even if productivity increases, you still might put in longer hours. I tend to lose track of time,or push on if I’m close to the end of a task. And because of the stereotypes about working from home, I feel the need to prove myself even more.

Do you work from home? What has your experience been? I’d love to hear your pros and cons.

Yannick Levesque

Software Engineer

DealerMine CRM 

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