More Profitable Preventative Maintenance

Beyond Basic OEM Schedules

If you’re just recommending OEM scheduled maintenance to your customers, you’re leaving service money on the table. This standard plan does not address each customer’s unique needs to protect their investment. A tailored preventative maintenance plan can include regional services, such as seasonal tires and fluids for extreme weather conditions, and recommendations based on driving habits.

You also want to manage the flow of work through your shop to maximize the specialties of your technicians and equipment to increase revenue and retain customers.

Here’s how.

Customize. An outreach strategy based on driving habits is great service. Your clients will appreciate that individualized touch, and your shop will reap the profits. Remind high-mileage customers to come in earlier than the OEM recommended time. And low-mileage drivers shouldn’t just go by the odometer. Let them know oil shouldn’t sit in the engine for extended periods, even if the vehicle is not driven.

Schedule smart: A well thought-out plan to handle the bi-annual tire changeover will eliminate seasonal bottlenecks, and keep the shop flowing with a variety of services and repairs.

Winter maintenance: Cold-weather shops should promote seasonal services. This includes fluids designed for extreme weather conditions. Sensors and indicator lights that can read low tire pressure in extreme cold conditions should also be addressed and reset.

Maximize specialized equipment: Some OEMs require very specialized equipment for certain maintenance needs. They generally require a healthy investment from the dealer and can be underutilized. Look for booking opportunities to maximize pricey equipment.

Fleet care: Design special maintenance for fleet customers who may not have high mileage on their vehicles but carry heavy loads, idle for long periods or drive in rough terrain.

How have you gone above and beyond basic OEM maintenance in your shop? What kinds of returns have you seen?

Shelley MacDonald

Regional Sales Executive

DealerMine CRM 

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