How To Choose The CRM That’s Right For You

How to choose the CRM that’s right for you

Top 5 things your dealership should consider

By Katie Stackhouse

It happens all the time: I speak with dealers who aren’t happy with their current CRM and are thinking of switching to one that will better meet their needs. There are many reasons dealerships get the wrong CRM in the first place: misfit technology, little support, unaligned budget and fees, to name a few.

So how to make the right switch?  

Here are the Top 5 things to consider to choose the perfect CRM for your dealership.

  1. Understand your needs: Do you focus on service? Sales? Both? Do you need an online booking tool, reporting, a mobile option? Does it need to be easy to use? Don’t follow the latest shiny product or industry hype. Think hard about what you are trying to accomplish with your CRM. Then choose the company that best meets those needs.
  2. Look for support: You want a company that’s got your back. Where customer service is a primary focus. Which CRM will be there for you when you need help? Support is an integral part of the CRM product – without it,  the software is irrelevant.
  3. Partners in success: Does your CRM become part of your team? Do they want to help you grow? Once you have your CRM in place and you begin building relationships with your customers, does your CRM have someone focused on helping you make your dealership more successful?
  4. Suited to your budget: You know what you’re willing to pay for the services you’ll need. What CRMs respect that range – and without hidden fees or additional charges for expansions?
  5. Planning for growth: Lastly, think about your business objectives and plans for growth. Can your CRM grow with you? Or will you find yourself transferring your data and struggling to learn new software all over again?

As you can see, the right CRM will have the tools, features and support you need to succeed -– and all at the right price. What’s the key thing you’re seeking in your CRM? 

Katie Stackhouse

Account Manager

DealerMine CRM 

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