Eight Tips To Get The Most Out Of Tire Season

From pre-pulls to upsells, maximize profits

By Kandise Bryant

Get proactive about tire season scheduling to maximize profits and minimize headaches for your staff and customers.

Here are 8 simple ways how.

1. Pre-schedule appointments. Start early. Know how many you can handle and how to schedule them to maximize your shop. Don’t wait till the first snowfall to get booking!

2. Upsell new tires. If you have a system to track tire wear, use this data to sell new ones and offer specials at the time of booking. It keeps customers from shopping around.

3. Promote wheel alignment checks. Sell or do a check for each tire swap to keep your alignment rack busy all season.

4. Upsell other maintenance. Don’t wait until the customer is at your counter to add service. Book other maintenance at the same time as the tire appointment to help prevent a backlog. Along with managing your shop and techs better, this will eliminate delays for the next appointment.

5. Know where the tires are.  Who has them stored with you? Who has them with them? It’s important to have tires pre-pulled to avoid costly same-day pull fees if they are stored off-site at a tire hotel or other business.

6. Make your tires visible to customers. It may seem obvious, but anyone who walks in will feel like you are a destination for tires, that you know the products and can offer the best advice.

7. Create a marketing campaign. Market to regular customers early. Offer them specials and tire storage, if applicable.

8. Upsell tire storage. The easiest way to keep customers coming back the following season.

What has your service department done to make the most of tire season? What challenges are you grappling with?

Kandise Bryant

Technical Analyst

DealerMine CRM