Weathering the Cold Snap: DealerMine’s Proactive Approach to EV Challenges

As the recent cold snap tightened its icy grip, EV owners faced some unfortunate challenges where subzero temperatures exposed certain limitations. In the Oak Brook suburb of Chicago, public charging stations turned into "car graveyards" as motorists found themselves stranded, unable to power their vehicles.

Reports from Oak Brook, Chicago, painted a stark picture of EVs succumbing to the extreme cold. Public charging stations became scenes of frustration, with dozens of Teslas lined up and abandoned, their batteries drained and unresponsive. The subzero temperatures posed a unique challenge to EV batteries, impacting their performance and leaving owners stranded.

The science behind the performance drop involves the thickening of the liquid electrolyte in lithium-ion batteries, resulting in slower ion movement and increased resistance. While scientists are working on solutions, DealerMine can take immediate action to support customers facing these challenges. Finding opportunities in these situations can be extremely beneficial to the dealership, and the longevity of customer loyalty.

DealerMine's Response: Leveraging CRM for Proactive Outreach

Leveraging the power of our comprehensive Service CRM, it’s easy to approach situations like these proactively. Using the CRM, quickly and efficiently identify customers who have purchased EVs. This becomes the starting point for a proactive outreach initiative that can be performed by the dealership or dealer’s in-house BDC.

Armed with the CRM data, the dealer can initiate outbound service calls to EV owners affected by the cold snap. The goal is not just to address immediate concerns but to offer assistance, arrange tows if needed, and provide valuable support. This initiative turns the challenge of stranded EVs into an opportunity to enhance customer service, build trust, and drive loyalty.

Driving Service Revenue and Building Customer Loyalty

This proactive outreach isn't just about immediate assistance; it's a strategic move to drive service revenue and uncover sales opportunities. By reaching out during challenging times, dealerships can solidify customer loyalty. The dealership can become a lifeline, connecting with customers, addressing concerns, and demonstrating the commitment to exceptional service.

The recent cold snap exposed vulnerabilities in EV technology, but at DealerMine, we view challenges as opportunities. Our proactive approach, fueled by comprehensive Service CRM, turns a crisis into a chance to enhance customer service, drive revenue, and build lasting customer loyalty.

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