Scripting for Success

Train your appointment coordinators to handle any situation

By Letisha Betteridge

Booking appointments should be a well-rehearsed routine, not an improv. But without a script for any situation that’s exactly what your appointment coordinators have to do: improvise.

While that might make for an entertaining theatre experience, it’s not the way to impress your customers. Scripting is the answer. It will help your coordinators:

Overcome objections: Increase your maintenance labor sales and gross with proper overcoming objection scripting. Overcome the “no” by informing the customer of the importance of bringing the vehicle in even if they have low mileage or are unsure of their schedule.

Assume the appointment: Increase the number of appointments being booked and keep your shop full. Assuming rather than asking for the appointment gives the customer less opportunity to just say no.

Set a call flow: Create consistency with customers to keep them coming back. A BDC script lets all your appointment coordinators follow the same call flow, eliminating bad experiences or surprises.

Exhibit product knowledge: Higher maintenance labor gross per RO. If the appointment coordinator can explain how keeping up-to-date on services is good for the vehicle and will save them in the long run, the customer will feel more informed and be more willing to take what’s offered.

Eliminate filler words: Instead of fumbling for the right words and creating doubt in the customer’s mind about the service being recommended, your coordinator exudes confidence.

Instill customer confidence: Confidence is contagious. If your coordinators sounds polished and certain, your customer will trust them.

These are just a few of the benefits of scripting. What scripts do your coordinators need to book more?

Letisha Betteridge
Application Trainer
DealerMine CRM

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