Choosing the Right BDC Solution

Imagine the scenario: a dealership sets its sights on establishing an in-house BDC. The goal seems simple – recruit a handful of agents, envision streamlined operations, and anticipate a boost in customer engagement. However, there are underlying risks, costs, and challenges that are often initially overlooked.

The Solo Approach:

The Hiring Problem:
a process involving ad posting, candidate screening, interviews, and selection. This consumes time and resources.

Training Trials:
Selected agents require extensive training to meet dealership standards, demanding both financial investment and the commitment of experienced staff members.

Management Struggles:
Supervising the BDC team adds an extra layer of complexity for already-burdened managers. There is the option of hiring a BDC manager, but this adds an additional salary cost. Keep in mind – managers don’t make phone calls.

The Burn of Churn:
In the dynamic world of BDC, staff turnover is a constant threat, triggering recruitment, training, and operational disruptions.

Tech Expenses:
Any well-functioning BDC needs a comprehensive Service CRM to handle the data requirements, phone, email, and text tracking, and marketing outreach. Tech costs can add up without a proper implementation.

The Off Hours:
The messages don’t stop when the dealership is closed. Customers call or message frequently after hours and ensuring someone is available can come at a significant cost.

DealerMine BDC: The Path to Success

Now, picture a different scenario. The dealership embraces DealerMine BDC, a comprehensive solution designed with expertise and precision. This alternative approach transforms the BDC landscape from a minefield of challenges to a streamlined operation with enhanced outcomes.

Total BDC Management:
DealerMine BDC offers end-to-end management, leveraging over two decades of experience to drive service bookings and revenue.

Consistency in Outreach:
DealerMine ensures unmatched outreach consistency, maintaining 99.9% uptime for optimal customer engagement.

Amplified Service Revenues:
Powered by DM Service CRM, DealerMine's appointment coordination expertise boosts service appointments and revenue, magnifying dealership performance.

As the dealership adopts DealerMine BDC, the hurdles that marked their solo journey are systematically addressed:

Hiring, Training, and Management:
DealerMine assumes the responsibility of staffing, training, and consistent performance monitoring, freeing the dealership to focus on its core strengths.

Turnover Alleviation:
DealerMine's continuous training and performance enhancement strategies mitigate the challenges of staff turnover, ensuring stability.

DealerMine's turnkey solution encompasses everything – from essential equipment to call recording and reporting, all handled through our own DealerMine Service CRM.

From the hiring process to the moment an agent is ready to handle a phone call can take months, wasting valuable time and resources. Avoid the hassle and choose a solution that will give you the best return on your investment. DealerMine BDC offers scalability and customization in an all-inclusive solution – eliminating any unnecessary delays.

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