Next Generation Desking By DealerMine

We Invite you to Join us on Thursday, November 5th at 2 pm ADT for an informal introduction to Autovance and its founder Rick Johnston. Autovance is a Sales and F&I Retail Platform that, like us, belongs to the Quorum group of companies.

In this session, Rick will talk about how Autovance is deeply integrated into DealerMine and how they are currently helping hundreds of dealers across Canada in these different areas:

  • Desking – Autovance was founded on the concept of Desking being an integral part of the process in every store. Rick will cover a number of the unique features of Autovance Desk, including how they get the data right, different ways to desk during the pandemic, and how Autovance is seamlessly integrated into DealerMine.
  • F&I – Autovance Menu is blazing the trail of a new and better way for F&I managers to sell more and sell quicker. Rick will cover how dealers are succeeding using a tablet in F&I as well cover a number of other ways the tool can speed the process up without sacrificing on the bottom line.
  •  Digital Retail – Autovance MyDeal is the latest creation of the Autovance team and is quickly gaining momentum as a leader in the space. Rick will talk about why Desking is the right base for a DR company, how dealers are using the tool today, and much more on the rapidly changing landscape of out-of-showroom transactions.

For more information on how to register please email or reach out to your DealerMine CRM Account Manager.