As is the spirit of our fantastic DealerMine staff, we all get together and our teams alone raised $12,000.00 on top of the regular $10,000.00 we give each year. Exile Island has become a DealerMine sponsored event and it has come to life with the staff at DealerMine volunteering their time to make it a such a success.

The staff of DealerMine are very generous all year but during Christmas they kick it up a notch. Each year DealerMine takes part in supporting many Christmas families. The staff are fully involved in providing necessities for these families to ensure that they enjoy a wonderful Christmas.

DealerMine CRM is proud to support a unique, local YMCA program called, Basketball and Books. The program encourages young students within the inner-city schools to read with players from our professional basketball team, the Saint John Riptides. The goal is to increase literacy among children in our community. Part of the draw for the kids is that they get to play and be coached by Riptide players. The kids are provided shoes and shirts and play teams from other schools.

DealerMine proudly supports Sistema NB.

The mission of Sistema NB is to inspire children and youth to achieve their full potential through learning and performing orchestral music together.

The children spend a remarkable 3 hours per day after school for 5 days per week in group and individual instruction.