DealerMine CRM is proud to be hosting a webinar on August 31st at 11:00AM(PT)/3:00PM(ADT) discussing service BDC industry performance from 2016/17. Our host will be none other than Tim Twells, who is an Account & Curriculum Development Specialist with years of industry and service BDC specific experience. The purpose here is to foster a community of industry players that understand and appreciate the value in an effective service BDC. We at DealerMine CRM are passionate in this respect, and so we are excited to bring like-minded together in reviewing how service BDCs performed last year.

This webinar has been tailored for Service Managers and BDC Managers, but any and all who are interested are more than welcome to attend. You can reserve your spot by clicking here to visit our registration page.

President & CEO of DealerMine CRM, Bob Quirion, explains how to protect your data so your business can prosper. 

“As a dealership, you’re an integral part of the auto industry, but your real business is data. It’s behind every sale, every service call, every business decision you make.  That’s why it’s critical to make sure the information you collect and store is secure….”

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Learn strategies that are driving new growth in Fixed Ops customer growth. Hear dealers discuss their strategy decisions of focusing on new customer acquisition or retention and which approaches are winning. Jordan, along with a few others, will expand on this topic.

Pragmatic Fixed Ops Growth – Presented by Jordan Duguay – July 18 @ 1:15

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Relationships can thrive or die in the service drive. This session is designed to show you how to make, maintain, and build customer relationships after the sale, by providing the customer with a seamless service interaction. I will take you from appointment request to vehicle pick up and provide insight into how to make the most of each point of contact with the customer, cementing and strengthening the relationship along the way. I will discuss topics ranging from the first voice your customer hears and how they can help them, eliminating transfers, freeing up your advisors to perform their job more efficiently and effectively, and making the most of your customer interactions.

Make the Most of Service Customer’s Time – Presented by Jordan Duguay – April 11th @ 1:30 Rm16 #DigitalDealer22

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by Brick Park

We met up with Robert (Bob) Quirion, President and CEO of DealerMine, to talk about the origins of his CRM software for dealerships, the growth that moved his company into CenterBeam Place, and the essence of DealerMine – keeping people connected. The conversation diverted in lots of interesting directions – and we spoke of the benefits of working in the heart of Brick Park; sharing the business landscape with professional services like legal, creative, and accounting companies, and being a stones’ throw from some of the best shops, restaurants and pubs in the city. We completely agree with him that we should institute “Brick Park Fridays” as a gathering place for people and conversations that continue to make us stronger, adaptable, and more competitive – brick by brick.

Bob Quirion remembers the day when he knew he was onto something. He was working at a car dealership in Saint John where he’d designed and implemented a CRM (customer relationship management) tool to great success. “The trials were good,” he says. “We nearly doubled the gross profit of a dealership in the first four to six months of using it.”

His “ah-ha moment” arrived when a competing dealership came over to see what they were up to; when the competitor discovered the boom in business was thanks to Quirion’s software, they asked if they could buy it. “I worked on it to make it function beyond one local dealership, it needed to work for two different brands. When I was finished, it was installed in three different dealerships. From that point on, we needed to refine the program so it could grow and move into more stores.”

Quirion is the President and CEO of DealerMine Inc., providers of a Service CRM solution for car dealerships across North America. The software combines one-on-one relationship building with contact automation to create memorable customer experiences. The platform was developed so that anyone who purchases a vehicle receives appropriate and sustained contact to build brand affinity, enhance relationships, and book key services.

Quirion is a developer originally from Sarnia, Ontario. Directly after graduating in programming from Lambton College, he went to work in an automotive factory in engineering. From there, Quirion worked in development at Reynolds and Reynolds, a provider of automobile dealership software, services and forms. “They do all of the accounting, parts and service, all the back-office stuff,” Quirion explains. “I received a call from a local dealer here in Saint John asking if I would come and help them engineer a move to a new facility and maximize the use of their Reynolds and Reynolds product.”

He came to Saint John in 1998 and worked at the dealership, where he uncovered areas of opportunity in the service department. Soon thereafter, the DealerMine Service CRM product was created. And in 2001, “we hired our first sales guy, someone I’d worked with at Reynolds and Reynolds, who helped us get DealerMine into 25 dealerships across Canada. I went from software developer, to sales guy, to installer, to trainer. I wore a lot of different hats, I scraped my knees, and found out about what not to do along the way.”

Over the last 16 years, DealerMine has built its business to include nearly 400 dealers using its services across North America, a fully outsourced BDC (business development centre) in Saint John working with between 87-100 dealers, and now employs 187 people. “We love our customers and we work to make them happy,” says Quirion. “We have a 94% customer retention rate in Canada, and if customers leave they come back.”

Along with its Service CRM software tool, DealerMine has a full account management team that stewards the success of each dealership. “The largest Ford store in the world and the largest Honda dealer in North America use our services,” says Quirion. “A dealer’s customers want to feel valued across the board, no matter where they are. A good experience is universal.”

That said, gone are the days of true brand loyalty for car dealers, because as Quirion notes, “now it comes down to three things: who’s got the best service, who’s got the best deals, and who’s going to take care of me?”

In 2009 when the automotive industry took a hit, DealerMine also felt the reverberations. “Big brands were going bankrupt, dealerships were closing and we were losing business. But we made big changes in 2012 and we recovered and adapted. We built our sales team and innovated our product and we continue to grow,” say Quirion.

Part of that growth meant they needed a new office space. They had outgrown their location in Rothesay and in 2015 they moved into CenterBeam Place in the heart of Uptown Saint John. Walking around the nearly 8,500 sq. ft. office space you’re immediately drawn by the brick walls, beautiful wood beams and re-used metal sliding doors throughout the space. The new space was perfect for the company’s next growth phase – the introduction of Dealer Summits. “Our marketing department started hosting dealer summits, inviting a handful of dealers from across North America to our space and showing them how to maximize the DealerMine tool,” says Quirion. “We wanted to be close to hotels, bars, and restaurants in our new space. We knew that the summits would be successful because we had the right place, the right team, and exceptional leadership running them. People love visiting our space and experiencing the heart of Saint John. The vibe is here.”

DealerMine is in the business of connecting people, and though the auto industry may change, the relationships dealers build with their customers will not. “They’ll want to stay connected, be it via smartphone or email or text or whatever innovation comes next. People still want interpersonal contact, they always will.”

Perhaps that’s why you can sometimes find Bob at Picaroon’s late on a Friday afternoon, chatting with business owners, friends and colleagues.  “There are sometimes 25 companies represented there. On more that one occasion I was able to plug people in to people from other industries and learn from what their experiences, and that same experience is true for others who work at DealerMine. Those interactions in a relaxed setting make a huge impact. To me, that’s where it’s at – an informal gathering where you’re having really meaningful conversations and building relationships that benefit everyone.”

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This week we are proud to announce the launch of our NEW WEB SERIES, Beers with Bob, starring our CEO, Bob Quirion. In each episode, Bob talks automotive industry while enjoying a cold beer and as an added bonus…he gives away free stuff! 
In this week’s episode, Bob discusses NADA100 and does a fun consumer report on the swag he collected.  
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DealerMine will be showcasing their Service CRMSales CRM and BDC products at NADA 2017.  January 27 – 29, 2017 meet the DealerMine team at booth #3767 in New Orleans.  

Customer Satisfaction
The power of a positive purchase experience… with the help of CRM.

By now, it is established that CRM can do great work for the car dealer who knows how to take advantage of it. But CRM can also go a long way to keeping the customer happy, by creating a positive purchase experience. By personalizing the customer experience, whenever the dealer interacts with that customer, it becomes a more rewarding interaction. “Expectations have changed,” notes Thomas Schwartz, director of corporate communications for Reynolds and Reynolds. “Consumers expect their retailer to know who they are as a customer and as an individual.” With the help of CRM, a customer can be greeted by name, and the salesperson may even be able to discern why they’ve come into the store. “We can provide more ownership of a sales experience,” says Schwartz.

The customer benefits in two ways – not only is it a more rewarding experience, it’s more substantive, as well. “If you’re reminding me of a service, or a recall, telling me about the next special, you’re giving me information that I may not have had otherwise,” says Schwartz. “You’re helping me improve my vehicle, save money, or you’re simply demonstrating that you’re looking out for me.” In turn, that customer is more likely to turn to the dealership, not just to buy something, but for advice. “Overall, it’s more emotionally satisfying for the customer.”

Engage customers
The very pirpose of CRM is to go beyond reputation management, and engage customers, according to Karen Parmenter, vice president of sales and marketing for DealerMine. “CRM is a tool that covers all points of contact with your customers,” she says. “It should give you the opportunity to build your relationship with your customer. Our CRM allows you to maintain a point of contact beyond just selling you a car.” She offers the example of reaching out to customers when they’re due for service. “By creating a relationship in the service department, and having the documentation when the customer comes in, the customer will consider that you’re taking care of her, because they’re building that kind of relationship. “You don’t want to just sell them the car, you’re making a commitment to your customer. Your CRM should go deep, and know everything about them – how they want to be communicated with, their preferred times, if they work day or night. If you do it right, they’ll respond with loyalty and stay committed to your dealership.”

Article by : Krystyna Lagowski

Beyond Boundaries

Today’s CRM technologies can help dealers push the proverbial envelope,and collect information that can help build relationships and close deals. Although CRM provides a range of ways to interact with a customer who has contacted a dealership, there’s a new wave on the horizon – influencing the customer beyond the traditional sales boundaries. “How do we influence a customer to engage with the brand prior to walking into the showroom?” asks Glen Demetrioff, president at DMT Development Systems Group, Inc.  “If we can somehow influence the behaviour of the customer before they walk into the showroom and manage that relationship higher up, that’s where we see a huge opportunity.”  Demetrioff thinks there is a way to engage customers while they’re viewing information online, offering information about a brand, a product and a dealership.  “If we meet them in the digital space, create a relationship with them further up in the purchase funnel, then we can start working with them sooner,”  Demetrioff says. It’s something that DMT is working on right now. “In the CRM space, there are a lot of great tools, and they do a fantastic job,” notes Demetrioff. “They’re all focused on the same important elements of your business, where the deal is transacted.”  But there’s a need to create a relationshio that’s beyond traditional bricks and mortat. “How do we get more people into our CRM?” says Demetrioff. “That’s where we see our Rapid Response CRM tool heading, where we continue to change, because we need to engage people further out.”

Social fingerprint
Over at DealerMine, they’re harnessing the power of what people are saying on Twitter, and feeding the information to dealerships.  “We’re being proactive, ” says Karen Parmenter, vice president of sales and marketing at DealerMine. “Instead of looking at Internet leads and waiting for customers to reach out to dealerships, we’re giving dealerships the information in advance, so they can reach out – instead of waiting for the customer to come to them.” Since anything said on Twitter or other social media is considered a public forum, it doesn’t violate CASL. “It’s public information,” notes Parmenter. “If someone is publishing that they’re looking for a car, it gives us the ability to lead sift all those conversations, determining through a back-end algorithm, that they may be a hot lead.” Since the system is regionally based, a dealer can “see” everyone within a certain radius of the store. “A store can determine what radius they want,” says Parmenter. “You can go narrow or wide.” DealerMine can also follow a customer on Twitter, to determine their social fingerprint. “Using their Twitter handle, we can tell if they use Facebook, and other demographic information,” says Parmenter. “That includes if they’re single, female, have children, and are a homeowner. We can gather that information and send it to the dealer, so you can store it on your database and use it to target campaigns.” “This is using CRM to go well beyond reputation management.”

Article by : Krystyna Lagowski

Twitter lets dealers contact customers, find prospects and do marketing.    

Article by: Lawrence Papoff
Canadian Auto World

DealerMine wants to help dealers get in on the conversation on Twitter. Those conversations, or tweets, often contain important and profitable tidbits of information such as the fact the sender is looking for a car or that their car needs servicing. Those 140-character conversations also reveal the sender’s demographics and interests, their social fingerprint.

DealerMine says its product, called Social, offers dealers a way to listen to and make dollars and sense out of the thousands of conversations going on in Twitter every day in real time and engage with customers based on their interests and intentions. Karen Parmenter, DealerMine’s VP of sales and marketing for North America, explains that Social scans the dealer’s entire customer database and updates every customer file that has a valid Twitter account based on email matches found. “Each customer file will be flagged with a Twitter handle, allowing the dealer to view their profile in DealerMine,” she says. “Our Social tool automatically links up any tweet pulled in that matches a customer in the dealer’s database, allowing the dealer to track the number of Social leads coming in from new prospects versus existing customers.”  She says Social reads those tweets and supplies dealership staff with another way to build customer relationships now that staff knows what each customer’s interests are based on the “customer enrichment data” DealerMine supplies. 

Customer enrichment data is anything about the person, whether they are single, a homeowner, income level, whether they love dogs, watch the Food Network, etc. If the customer tweets they will be shopping for a car over the weekend, Social sees to it the tweet passes into the dealership’s Social feed along with an intent-to-buy-score based on the “geo-target market setting,” she says.

Social supplies another source of real-time leads and gives the dealership staff an opportunity to engage with the customer in a timely manner – all tracked in DealerMine. A tweet can contain more than just 140 characters. It can also contain photos, videos and links, which give the dealership staff plenty of ways to introduce the dealership and what it has to offer. She explains the dealer chooses the “listening region,” or “geo-target market setting,” which Social monitors. The region could have a range as narrow as 15 kilometres or as wide as 100. “We sift the region the dealer wants and return the leads to the dealer,” she says. “It’s that simple.” And she adds that since Twitter is in the public domain there are no antispam laws to interfere with contacting prospects meaning dealership staff can add them to the database. (Since Facebook and LinkedIn are both permission-based, Social cannot contact potential customers in either social networks. But Social can say whether the person it researched on Twitter has a Facebook or LinkedIn profile.)

“As an example, FETCH could find all the women in the dealership database with a certain profile from Twitter analysis and aim a campaign at them,” Parmenter says. As for ROI, she says dealers now have another way to generate leads beyond the traditional sources; measure where they came from; when they responded and how successful they were in converting them from shoppers into buyers – all for a minimal investment in the Social tool.

In business for over 15 years, DealerMine is a Canadian company that specializes in sales and service department CRM for car dealerships. 

by Ilana Zur

A powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is a great tool for any business that values Internet leads. Managing a segmented list of subscribers is essential to following up with leads in a timely manner, providing them with the service they are seeking, and convincing them that your brand is trustworthy. Dealerships have unique needs when it comes to managing leads, and there are plenty of CRMs out there that cater specifically to the automotive industry.

A lot of factors go into choosing the right CRM for your dealership, but the two main questions to ask yourself before choosing are:

1) Will I be able to train my team to feel comfortable using this tool?

2) Does this tool provide my dealership with the ability to follow up with the right leads at the right time with the right proposals and offers? Remember: [Tweet “You want your CRM to help build meaningful relationships with customers.”]

Keeping in mind your dealership’s unique goals and needs, here is a list of 7 of the leading CRM tools for Dealerships:

DealerSocket CRM

DealerSocket is the one-stop shop for dealership marketing. Their award-winning software allows all departments of a dealership involved in sales to get the best results, save time, and close more deals. DealerSocket allows you to manage marketing activities, sales processes, customer satisfaction and retention, and service department operations. With email and automated marketing templates, automated follow up sequences, and lead management, this CRM gives a comprehensive solution to an auto marketer’s needs.

VinSolutions MotoSnap Automotive CRM

VinSolutions is another CRM that fully integrates with all other softwares that a dealership uses. It was created and designed by experts and professionals from automotive sales. With their web-based platform, a dealership can market to anyone, anywhere, without any physical boundaries, increasing market share and revenue. Their customizable automated follow up provides flexibility and smart targeting.

Dominion Sales Center CRM

Formerly known as the Autobase Sales Center, Dominion helps auto dealers to generate the most profitable customer relationships possible. This tool allows you to funnel sales and service leads from every source (showroom, Internet, service, phone, etc.) into one solution, and maximize on your sales staff’s potential. Dominion is one of the most experienced players in the game, and their software provides a comprehensive solution for dealer marketing and lead follow up.

DealerPeak CRM Center

This CRM is tailored for BDC and Internet Sales agents, easy-to-use and integrates with your existing platforms. This software provides printable forms and documents, integrated analytics, and lead management from multiple sources. They also do not limit users, so anyone at your dealership can sign in and manage leads. Wowza! 


Easi’r is the leading cloud relations platform for the automotive industry. Its fresh interface puts it ahead of its competitors in ease of use. The Europe-based company helps you close more deals and build long-lasting, meaningful and profitable customer relations. Their focus on customer lifetime and custom workflows will ensure that you are getting the most out of every lead.


Dealermine offers one CRM for all departments. It enables you to track leads, enforce your sales process and measure the effectiveness of your team. It integrates all of your systems and includes scheduling, marketing campaigns, and follow up via email, social media, and telephone, helping you stay organized and follow up with leads fast. In addition to a Sales CRM, they offer a robust Service CRM – they believe that service is the key to future sales and retention and can significantly impact dealership gross profit.

IzmoCars Car Dealership CRM

IzmoCars provides a cost effective CRM solution for dealerships. They help improve management of sales opportunities, allowing you to adapt to the customers’ preferred communication media. They increase sales through more efficient lead follow up. Also, they help you identify cross sell opportunities by mining your data. If you are looking for a full CRM solution for under $1000 a month, this software is worth checking out. 

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