Service BDC Industry Results Webinar

DealerMine CRM is proud to be hosting a webinar on August 31st at 11:00AM(PT)/3:00PM(ADT) discussing service BDC industry performance from 2016/17. Our host will be none other than Tim Twells, who is an Account & Curriculum Development Specialist with years of industry and service BDC specific experience. The purpose here is to foster a community of industry players that understand and appreciate the value in an effective service BDC. We at DealerMine CRM are passionate in this respect, and so we are excited to bring like-minded together in reviewing how service BDCs performed last year.

This webinar has been tailored for Service Managers and BDC Managers, but any and all who are interested are more than welcome to attend. You can reserve your spot by clicking here to visit our registration page.